Current Owner/Operators

A Family Affair

Easts at Makaraka is without a doubt a family affair, Dean and Teresa Cook are the current owner/operators. Dean  worked for the previous owner for several years when he and his wife were given the opportunity to purchase the saddlery.

Easts outdoor work and leisure changed hands in 1990 and they have been running it ever since pushing on through the good times and the bad with the help of a loyal customer base and plenty of hard work.

The staff at Easts are entirely made up of family members and friends so close they may as well be family!

In the saddlery department we have Dean, he is fully qualified and formally trained saddler with a more then 45 years of experience.

Dean has also been creating and installing shade sails, blinds & awnings for over 25 years

In the workshop we also have a canvas and leather goods manufacturer with decades of experience behind him as well, although no formal qualifications time is the best teacher.

Teresa runs the office and shop front with the help of a retail assistant.